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Batterieantrieb 2 x 12 V -85 AH inkl. Ladegerät




NEUE BATTERIEN ! Bilder Folgen!!! Mehrere auf Lager

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Technische Daten


Braviisol LUI Mini S.I Mastbühne

Leonardo HD is the first mobile platform to arrive on site and the last to leave!

  • second generation of the tried and tested Leonardo platform
  • allows you to reach a working height of 5 meters
  • integrated forklift pockets
  • provides exceptional maneuverability in difficutl working conditions
  • pothole protection mechanism provides unique ground clearance
  • with lowered platform it is able to overcome gradients of 35% and, through the use of simple ramps, can overcome obstacles such as steps and stairways


The Leonardo HD can be easily driven through doorways and into tight spaces that would require you to use scaffolding or ladders. The revolutionary compact size of this platform, its versatile manoeuvrability, and featherweight of only 510 kg. (1124 lbs.), allow the Leonardo HD to fit into most elevators, reaching top floors effortlessly and driving through standard doorways without requiring the operator to leave the platform.


LEONARDO moves quickly (3 km / h – lowered and 0.6 km / h – raised) and, thanks to its 180 kg capacity, lifts the operator with tools and materials, positioning it at the desired height. In this way, the risk of accidents due to the frequent manual loading of heavy materials is considerably reduced and the efficiency of each individual is maximized, avoiding unnecessary waste of time to carry out repositioning operations. Thanks to its amazing ground clearance of 87 mm, combined with an extremely compact footprint and locking system on the front wheels, LEONARDO HD is able to move in a straight line back and forth, allowing the operator to work in the tightest spaces, significantly decreasing at the same time the possibility of making mistakes.


Simple, easy to use and convenient, LEONARDO HD is the result of continuous technical improvements. Apart from the control of the water level in the batteries, it does not require any kind of routine maintenance, keeping the annual management costs extremely low. NEW: Battery maintenance can be completely eliminated by choosing the 100 Ah 12V AGM battery option, also available for all other models.

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